Folder Icons Game Pack 3 Picture

Folder Icons for Windows

This pack contains Games [For Windows].

- .ico
- .png

Game Pack:

-alan wake
-angry birds space
-age of mythology
-assasins creed
-assasins creed 2
-bioschock 2
-counter strike
-counter strike source
-disciples 3
-dragon age origins
-fallout 3
-gear of war
-god of war
-god of war 2
-gta 3
-gta 4
-lost planet 2
-mass effect
-mass effect 2
-mass effect 3
-mirrors edge
-heroes VI
-need for speed carbon
-need for speed most wanted
-need for speed undercover
-prince of persia the sands of time
-prince of persia the two thrones
-prince of persia warrior within
-prince of persia forgotten sands
-resident evil 4
-resident evil 6
-streat fighter 4
-silent hill 4
-silent hill 5
-split second
-supreme commander
-supreme commander 2
-world in conflict

All Images used to make the icons have the Rights Reserved by the respected owners or studios.
The icons were made using the following template: [link]

Enjoy! and
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