Vulpis Vulpni Picture

Testing out some new styles.

This is my second fantroll. She;s actually based off of one of my 9 year old sister's OCs. I hope you liek eue

Her first name denotes the group of foxes marked as "true foxes" (Vulpes) and her last denotes the whole entire fox species (Vulpini). It also acknowledges how some (2) of the true fox species have alliterative names (Vulpes vulpes, Vulpes Velox). Her character design as well as her lusus was modeled after the former. Her nickname reyna comes from the old tale about Reynard [link]

I'm going to work on her hive tommorow =u=


Name: Vulpis Vulpni
(she prefers "Reyna")
Title: Maid of Space
Age: 6 Alternian solar sweeps (13 earth years).
Screen Name: trickyLuminescence
Typing Quirk: ^(she speaks in a V.V.ery particular and way)^
Sign: The ankh
Strife Specibi: Staff kind

Anubis-fox-dad - Lusus

Planet: Land of Slabs and Ruins

An important note is that she loves egyptian mythology and riddles. But you'll find out more in her hive picture
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