Kunzite Picture

INTRODUCING THE EQUESTRIA GEMS! The Mane 6 as Crystal Gems! Self explanatory, really. All of them are Crystal Gems, as such, all have the star insignia somewhere on them instead of something else. An interesting design choice I decided would be that, similar to how all of the Mane 6 are (or were, not counting Alicorn Twilight) two of each, three of the Equestria Gems have defined lips like Garnet and Amethyst, three don't. Three have eyes like Sapphire and three don't. I have a mythology set up for them already, which comes together with all of them, but I have yet to define their homeworld as Earth, considering the backstory is slightly different and clashing slightly with Steven Universe's events, and as such, may not take place on the same world as Steven's, at least, not without significant alterations to the Equestria Gems canon. Despite this, I don't want to specify it as not Earth, as it could still be Earth, and I don't want to ruin the idea of crossovers. And I would love to see people use the Equestria Gems canon if they so desire, seriously! All I ask is that you try to stay with the ideas I've lined out, and feel free to ask questions about everything! You can absolutely use these designs, IF YOU CREDIT ME AND RESPECT MY WISHES! Since this is kind of my idea and design (this specific canon, I do not own the idea of the Mane 6 as Gems, obviously) I would like if you asked questions about this! In short:
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