Seasons: Spring Picture

"Treasure your prison -
For she, who walks through an eternal morning will make the birds sing and the flowers bloom.
And thus she, who will never die, gently lays the flowers onto her own grave."

This is Akatnim, the goddes of spring, birth and water. She never wanted to be, but after the fall was bought to a world that only knew summer and winter (as 'being' and 'keeping') she had to take her place to keep the balance intact. So now she is bund eternally to the world of the living and can only watch the life she creates fade away in an eternal circle. The planet she can leave, but only for a short time and she must always return in time. So she is, for a spring goddes, unusual angry because of this.
This is, by the way, another pic from the mythology of my world. The other seasons will follow as soon as I find the nerves to try another pic like this.

What do you think, anyway? I think it's not too bad for a first try, is it?
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