Magnus Canis Picture

Magnus Canis is like, a planet … and it's located in the outskirts of this sector, yes. And there are sporadic hologram transmissions about evil aliens and stuff. Add a reference to old Greek or Egyptian mythology here, also. Maybe throw in a quote from Einstein if you're feeling bold. Now we should be good to go.
Ah, space art. A genre I admittedly indulged in when I was almost half a decade younger and had a different account -- quite successfully too, actually, with a few Daily Deviations in the repertoire to boot. It's quite sad, really. Sad because … well, let's face it: space art is shithouse. For one, it's a goddamn maddeningly retarded scene consisting of two types of people:
a) photoshop newcomers who want to create something "purdy n shiny ( ^___^ )" without too much hassle
b) the so-called space art 'veterans' complaining about how bad space art has become because of said newcomers

But what I'm saying is that it was never a 'good' genre to begin with. Photoshop space art is a fucking cheat code when it comes to art. 15 minutes of autopilot work and the crowd starts swooning and the praise commences. People are just too fucking easy to impress like that. Seriously, just take a look at the space section: it's just the same, endless fapping with the same tired Photoshop filters and horrendous overuse of complimentary colors. Newcomers, veterans ... no matter, it all looks the fucking same. There's no heart, no soul, no sign of concept and not a trace of artistry behind it all. It's just the same tutorials and techniques being followed on fucking cruise control with the audience continuously and absentmindedly applauding it. Oh, so you painted* heart-shaped nebulae, you say? A torn-up planet, perhaps? Maybe even threw in a fancy stock photo skyline there? Big fucking whoop, you humongous retard. Learn to do real art. Check out my gallery for reference.

Legitimate question, though: you so-called old-timers, do you seriously find elation in creating the same picture over and over again for years on end? Or have you gotten so addicted to the intoxicating praise and adoration that you just can't bring yourself to move on to outlets that are actually creative in some aspect? Either way, you suck. You fucking suck. You suck for coining terms like 'terraspace' and you suck for being a much worse art cancer than shitty anime art ever was.

*: "painted" in the space art world actually means overlapping a few textures
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