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Ok. So. Those of you who are friends of mine. Or those of you who have watched me since I first came to Deviantart, know that I have an OC named Luna.
You are probably wondering now why I have not drawn Luna in so long. Actually. For a couple years now. The reason why is because I am developing her more, recreating her. What I mean by that is, her storyline, and how she looks as well. Though the picture of her there, is what I am going to use. But, I have to re-draw that again.
So. I'm doing a total "Makeover" as you could call it. Which is why no one has seen a lot of my 100 OC's at all. Because I have developed, so shall their looks.

So. I did one for my first character Angel Lilian Vore, then my second went to CW. This is my third inspiration Meme.
So. The characters I have chosen here are:

1. Marge Simpson. The reason why I chose Marge is because of her personality. She is very motherly and kind, and also gentle. She always takes her Families behavior with good Humor, even when they act out of hand. I think she is a fantastic Mother, personally. But she is not without her flaws as well, but seems to really go through them gracefully. Like Marge, Luna also uses little "Cutesy" words to describe horrible, and sometimes mean situations. But unlike Luna, Marge is more braver then she is. Marge remains ever faithful to Homer, despite them both having temptations through the series, and I have always admired her faithfulness to Homer and her good spirit. And I wanted to contribute that to Luna.
Also, because Luna is a Mother herself.

2. Starfire. Even though I am more of a Raven fan. I always found Starfire's naive innocence when it comes to Earths little pleasures to be most humorous. Growing up watching Teen Titans like anyone who came home from School, or even from Highschool, you would often catch this show. I always watched it after Yugioh. But alot of Starfire's Joyous, Naive, and sometimes insecure nature is what a lot was brought into Luna. Like Starfire, Luna also lived on a planet, though she is not an Alien, she is a Goddess (Not one like CW of course....Luna is more aware of her morality and actually provides showing it. Unlike Warden. Who chooses to go against her code.) And she did not come to this planet willingly. I always liked how innocent Starfire was, and how she took everything so bubbly and filled with child like wonder. Which is how I wanted Luna to be. Like Starfire, Luna is still new to Earths customs, she is often very curious, and often becoming in great distress when family members or even friends argue with each other. But, Unlike Starfire, Luna does not fight, as a matter of fact she refuses to use her godlike powers altogether. Often assuming that using her powers would be bad thing, except for healing someone.

3. Luna. As many of you know, or, those of you who have grown with me. Know that I use to watch Sailor Moon when I was very little. Yep, I use to watch Sailor Moon. I'd still fucking watch it again if it was on.Come and get me. But, no, seriously. I love this Cat and I still love her. Luna was my favorite character in Sailor Moon, as a matter of fact, I use to have a plus of her that I unfortunately lost in the move =/. I plan on buying a new one.
I have never watched the Original Japanese version, but the English dubbed one that use to be on everyday after School. Nor have I seen the live action series PGSM (Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon) nor shall I. I've never been one for live action TV cartoons. Never will be. But I digress. Growing up, I always loved Luna from Sailor Moon, her voice, and the way she acted. She always tried to keep Serena and the rest of the scouts in order, with Artemis by her side of course. She would always give Serena advice and try and help her out, but Serena would always refuse it making Luna angry. Luna always remained in control, but often had to let loose whenever Serena would get on her nerves, showing her tough love. I contributed a lot of Luna to my Own OC, her tough love accompanied by her constant worry, and also some nagging as well as the choice of voice as well. You probably thought I was going to say the name too eh?. No. The thing that intrigued and made me love Luna even more, was how she was in Sailor Moon S movie. When she cried to Serena.

4. Giselle. If you have seen the movie Enchanted, you will know why I chose this character in particular. Being Pure Hearted, but also Naive senile, while also being creative and Sweet. I like how this character acted in the film. Always acting sweet and kind, and when she finally feels some emotions like Anger and Frustration for the first time, she treats it like such a new thing. Which is exactly how Luna is. Luna always acts nice, kind, and sweet, but when she does get angry or frustrated she treats it as a new thing or as a "Bad" thing, because it is such a new experience to her, being very pure hearted and mother like, she believes that any type of Anger from her is bad, and ultimately feels wrong for it. Like Giselle, Luna does mature though but still maintains her Innocence and Optimism.

5. Luna(Ancient Roman Mythology in a whole). Growing up. I was obsessed with both Roman and Greek Mythology. And I would always read on Gods and Goddess, but mostly on the Goddess Luna. Who, is the devine embodiment of the Moon. And when I had read that Luna's Greek counterpart was Selene, I wanted to make that my OC's middle name. When I was first reading about Gods and Goddesses, I always wanted to create one, so I would read and study on them more and more and the story of Luna and also the story of Selene was always one I came back too. And yes, I am aware that both mean Moon. But when I say both the names together, it rolls off the tongue nicely, and I always try and choose first names and middle names that would sound good together.

6. Bubbles. Like most of you. Or. I sure hope most of you. I watched the PowerPuff Girls every day after school, when Dexter's Laboratory was over. Though I am more of a fan of Blossom. Bubbles personality was always great. Having a Gentle Demeanor, Cheery, and being the joy and laughter of her sisters. But also showing that she can be just as tough and strong as they are. Like Bubbles, Luna is very over emotional. Going into things a little too deeply, or taking things way too seriously or over dramatizing it when she feels it's very bad or very worry some situation. Having a cute, and Bubbly attitude, she clearly earned her name. Also earning her a lot of good personality traits to be entered into Luna.

7. Muriel. Though Luna was never like Muriel as a child. She was more like her as an Adult. And like most of you, I watched Courage the Cowardly Dog. But it was on the weekends and on Teletoon. Which is a Canadian program some of you are possibly familiar with. Not if you live in the states though. You might have caught it though. I love this show. I love everything about it. I love Courage a lot, he was my favorite. But Muriel's personality added a lot to how Luna is. Having a kind demeanor, being artistic, and very Kind. Like Muriel, Luna has always been the rut of the Villain targets. (I'm so mean) often getting in between to try and help things, while also getting kidnapped and trapped in awful situations because of her sweet nature.

Marge(c)-The Simpsons
Luna(c)-Sailor Moon
Starfire(c)-Teen Titans
Muriel(c)-Courage the cowardly dog
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