Wind Cluster: Tu-Phan_Tu-Phon Picture

This is my latest and greatest creation: Tu-Phan (Irouni: Tu'-Faan' or Tu'-Foon') or Tu-Phon (Desi: Tu'-Fon). At any rate, Tu-Phan uses many different things including a better and improved version of an actual nebulae that I constructed on the side, super novas, and astroids! I originally wanted to have the astroids eclipse a giant gaseous planet but when I did a quick test to see what it would look like, it didn't look all that stuck with just having the gaseous clouds at the corner-left. It's far different from most clusters I've ever made and pretty damn good if I do say myself. One of the nebulaes (particularly the Super Nova one) has smaller planets that take some time to find but most certainly are there. I give this an A+ because it's unlike anything I've ever made and looks quite realistic. *Grins*

Side Note:
The word itself means 'storm' in Arabic, Farsi, and Hindi/Urdu. It is also seen in various other languages but originally stems from the Greece word: Typhon, a mythological beast of 100 heads and one of the whirlwinds.
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