Lucinna The White Matter Senshi Picture

"I may not have a true starseed, but I am the difference between life and death, and that's more important than anything else."


Though this lady looks cuddly and warm, she's still a villian. She's much different than her counterparts the dark matter senshi -

Unlike her counter parts, she has free will, and she is anchored to the surface of Renata, the home planet, and she is the only one able to take the power gathered by the dark matter senshi and transfer it.
she has a sort of brooch which looks like a power symbol, it sucks energy into her core from the dark matter senshi and then causes it to glow and go to renata with a small amount remaining in the brooch/in her.

Lucinna is lonely most of the time because she is the only created senshi that's always with renata, and she feels horrible that each time she takes the power/energy from the dark matter senshi and they change to haunted senshi, but she knows it's the only way to keep renata from dying, until they can reach the galaxy cauldron and swallow it's power.

Lucinna will also fight to the death to protect Renata and is a very formidable foe.

she doesn't have a tiara like traditional scouts but rather a "birthmark" symbol in the shape of a starburst on her forehead which links her to renata also reminiscint of her birth/beginning as a white hole bursting with life and light.

Her colors are pale warm light colors and will change slightly like the glow of a candle. even her hair is flowing and glows

White Hole (white holes are the opposite of black holes and spew energy and material back into the universe). From the White Hole, The planet Renata created her White Matter Senshi and anchored her to the planet's atmosphere. Renata named her Lucinna (name meaning Illumination: the mythological Roman goddess of childbirth and giver of first light to newborns).

Lucinna was able to pull the power and material out of the first Dark Matter Senshi and combine it with Renata, the dying planet and her Creator. But in doing so, the Dark Matter Senshi began to fade and change. Lucinna could see the haunted look on the former Dark Matter Senshi. The haunted senshi turned away and went to fulfill her first and only mission - to absorb stars/planets full of life and bring them home to her Creator, Renata.

Renata and Lucinna knew this could not be done by a Haunted Senshi and so Renata was forced to use more of her life force to create more Dark Matter Senshi. As each Dark Matter Senshi completes her mission and has her collected power transferred to Renata through Lucinna, she become Haunted and incapable of fulfilling her mission (but the Haunted Senshi don't know that and leave anyway to continue to absorb more and more planets and stars).

Lucinna, the White Matter Senshi, can take power (but not absorb it) and redirect it and fuse it with another being (which is why Renata anchored Lucinna to its atmosphere - to ensure Lucinna would always pass the power to Renata). Lucinna has free will but no star seed. BUT... Lucinna does get to keep a little of the power she absorbs, so Lucinna is very powerful and can shoot beams of hot white light as an offensive attack to protect herself, to protect non-haunted Dark Matter Senshi being born, and to protect Renata.
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