The Creation of Man Picture

According to one interpretation of the ancient Sumerian myths, mankind was created not by gods, but by a very intelligent race of aliens called the Annunaki (those of royal blood). This fascinating theory implies that these beings came to our young planet to mine for gold and other materials, and at one point discovered a race of primates. Using their science, they manipulated their DNA, creating what we call "Humans" today. They then used their newfound workforce to mine for their gold. When a natural calamity erupted (possibly the great flood), the Annunaki left the planet, but the humans continued to worship them and consider them divine. Ancient cults and religions developed from that, spreading further as the humans populated the planet and gave each god a personal interpretation.
In this illustration, the first man (or Adam) has just been created in the a science facility called Eden. He is bowing to the great god Anu (primal deity) as he is raising his hands in a gesture of satisfaction. The one on the left is Ninhursag, a mother goddess, responsable for the new creation "moulded from blood and clay"and is now offering her blessing. On the right, there are the two brothers, Enki and Enlil. Enki, the god of water, craft and intelligence, is Ninhursag's companion and offers his blessing as well. Enlil, the lord of wind, on the other hand, is seen as less satisfied with this new being as he sees it as an offence to his power. According to the mythology, he will be responsable for the creation of the great flood, in an attempt to destroy mankind.
I hope to be able to provide some more illustrations on these fascinating characters. Any thoughts, criticism or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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