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A Omnicidal Maniac is a villain whose main plan and motive is "destroy the world" This a can be any thing form one Planet to all of reality.

note a Omnicidal Maniac is not trying or planing to kill himself in the process of destroying the planet they often have the power or means to survive the destruction they wrought.


Thanos is the most famous Marvel Comics example.


Surtur in both Marvel comics and Norse mythology. In Norse mythology the part he plays in Ragnarok (Norsemen doomsday) is the only characterization he has. In Marvel comics he combines this with Satan archetype. Note he is not however Marvel's stand in for Satan that would go Mephisto.

While he does not typically fall under this category, The Joker did, in fact, reach this state during the "Emperor Joker" plotline in the Superman comics.

Anyone of importance in Dragon Ball Z can blow up planets. However, only Majin Buu seems intent on undoing all of creation merely out of malice, spite, boredom, and inability to get ice cream. And that was before he got rid of his conscience.

Cell planned on becoming one of these after the Cell Games, but was killed before he could get started.

Frieza made a business of this, wiping out all life on planets he came across so he could sell them off to the highest bidder. And let's not forget what he did to Planet Vegeta...

Broly blew up an entire galaxy, and nearly did the same to the entire universe just for fun.

The Millennium Earl in D.Gray-Man is very open about this, explicitly taunting the hero in his first real appearance.

some Death Note fans speculate that if Light Yagami wasn't stopped he would ultimately have killed off at least half of the world's population.

Unicron from Transformers, particularly in Energon.

Malware from Ben 10.

Spider-Man: The Animated Series: an alternate-universe Peter Parker, already unbalanced due to questioning his identity and losing his Aunt May in that world's version of The Clone Saga, is possessed by a world-hopping Carnage symbiote.

Trigon of Teen Titans

Ultron in the Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes.

The Lich from Adventure Time.

Firelord Ozai, the Big Bad of Avatar The Last Airbender, becomes this in the series finale
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