Monster Month #28 - Leviasquid Picture

#28's monster couldn't be any more than the one that's rightfully dubbed "Bastard of the Ocean".

Species: Leviasquid (Lev-EYE-uh-squid)
Genus: Tentacled Leviathan
Form: Flesh
Element: Water + Sound

Height: 10 - 20'
Length: 30 - 70'
Weight: 10,000 - 66,000 lbs

Disposition: Reckless Bastard - if not hungry, it at least messes with other creatures or boats to show them who's boss; Danger Rank S8 (note: highest rank is S10)
Habitat: Oceans
Diet: Smaller animals

Mob: "GTFO" - Leviasquid will work together if they feel like it.

Sex: A male Leviasquid will constantly mate with other females, whether they want to or not. Leviasquid would overpopulate the oceans if it wasn't for their reckless behavior killing off most adolescents.

(statistics based on 0-20)
Strength: 19 (on land: 17)
Fortitude: 17
Intellect: 17
Agility: 20 (on land: 2)
Magic: 20 (on land: 15)

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