Monster Month II, #11: Neo Gwergloth Picture

Nick's Notes:
Oh shoot, we were just 1 day off of more coincidences. The first Monster Month's #12 was the normal Gwergloth

Battle Theme: [link]

(all star stats are out of maximum of 10)

Species: Neo Gwergloth (nee-oh gwer-glawth)
Genus: Technoevolved Generator Lizard
Element: Thunder
Body Form: thick hide, electricity

Loot Drop: Leather, Beastie Fat, Electro Gel
Experience Points: 400xp!

Height: 8'
Length: 8'
Weight: 900 lbs

Personality: Lethargic Defensive
Habitat: Grasslands, Highlands
Diet: plants, insects, electric energy

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