Mother Mahimata Picture

The Mother of All Kaiju !
Mother Mahimata soars though the vast cosmos from planet to planet like our own. And on each she lays a few larva that crawl into volcanoes, caves or hide underground or in the sea. Mahimata never stays for long and the larva she abandons there grow, change and evolve due to the environment on the planet over time.

Mahimata: Mother Earth, Motherhood

The Earth Mother is a motif that appears in many mythologies. The Earth Mother is a fertile goddess embodying the fertile earth and typically the mother of other deities, and so, also are seen as patronesses of motherhood. This is generally thought of as being because the earth was seen as being the mother from whom all life sprang. The Rigveda calls the Female power, Mahimata (R.V. 1.164.33), a term which literally means Mother Earth.

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