Hydra Picture

this species of Hydra comes from the planet Genesis which means gene on Latin.

in the Greek mythology can the hydra grow two new heads when one is cut off and the middle is immortal.

this hydra has like my gryphon's the wild magic in their veins. unlike the gryphon, it don´t have very strong immune defend but a pretty quickly healing ability. especially around the necks. when a head is cut off, the hydra gets mad and start what we call a adrenaline kick. it pump the wild magic up to the wound and quickly head and as bonus; gives this beast a extra head. of course when it relax again, the head it got from the battle die again.

a full grown hydra have usually six heads but can have more if they live long enough, the oldest hydra Skylla has ten heads and said to be the hydra´s queen.

the Genesis´s hydra lives in the swamp and uses the heads to keep watch after prey and keep it down with its head when it caught and the middle eats the prey alive.
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