Zhuyin Missile Battleship Picture

EVE Online seems to be stuck in my head still. Reading up revealed the Caldari really like throwing missiles at things, so I'm now building a missile battleship.

Zhuyin Class Missile Battleship has fore (48 banks of 4 missiles) and aft (24 banks of 4 missiles) missile banks.

The Zhuyin can volley fire the fore and aft missiles, then drop the empty racks into the hold below where the open side design allows tender tugs to remove the sections and return them to the magazine tenders for reloading.

The battleship has adequate storage that it can fire three volleys of 864 missiles before resupply.

Within a matter of fifteen minutes, the battleship can be resupplied through the front loading bay at the bow by the magazine tenders and recommence firing while the bunkers are reloaded (though trying to feed live missile banks during firing is not the standard procedure and only occurs during extreme emergencies).

The Zhuyin Class also has two forward mounted and one rear mounted rail gun for "throwing rocks" at a moon or planet. It carries 180 "rocks" (ultra-dense "smart" kinetic projectiles) that can be preprogrammed for a surface target using GPS markers. As long as you point the rock in the general direction of the target, it can self correct for the target enroute or even during entry into the atmosphere.

FYI, a Zhuyin is a Chinese mythological creature ([link](mythology))

Kitbashed from DOGA L3 parts, Starbase C3 parts and my own I3D Modeler created parts.

Constructed in Inspire 3D Modler and rendered in Inspire 3D. background is one of my Flaming Pear creations.


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