Anhad Naad (Anhata Nada) Picture

Anhad Naad (Anhata Nada)

It is an uncreated sound, which isn’t produced by strike of two objects. In Hindu mythology, it’s believed that the entire universe has manifested from this sound. The sound of silence, the sound of god. It is the first and everlasting sound in the universe.

After the Mahabharata War, it said that Krishna, being a complete yogi and the supreme lord, played this sound from his flute, to sooth the souls of warriors and to tie their souls back into the eternal energy cycle (To send their souls to their destination). It was the same sound from which the universe has manifested.

Anhad Naad is nowhere, but everywhere. It is the sound of motion of planets, it is the sound of expanding universe, it is the sound of Omkar, it is the sound of soul, it is the sound inside us. This is the sound of the cosmos and of human consciousness, an ultimate sound that transcends space and time, a sound that has no beginning or end.

It is an internal sound within the body,signifying spiritual growth, especially associated with awakening of Kundalini, when that Power reaches the Anahata chakra situated at the level of Heart ,the kundalini energy starting from Mooladhara and passing through Svadishtana and Manipoora Chakras before reaching Anahata fact, at that level(Anahata),there are ten types of sound a spiritual practitioner hears within himself known as Dashavida nada,such as the sound of a blowing of conch cell(shankha nada),of flute(venu nada),of bell(ghantha nada),of drums,of strings instrument(veena),of trumpet(shehanai),of thunder,of water flow and so on.Hearing such sounds are a sign of spiritual growth,somewhere in a mid way journey, not yet the end of the journey,the end would be a brilliant, scintillating Silence at the level of Sahasrara Chakra in the centre of the brain!
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