Priapan Myths I: The Harbinger Picture

From my Priapus Prime xenobiology project.

I had a dream a couple of nights ago about a Priapan general who was visited in the night by "The Harbinger." In Priapan mythology they have no concept of gods or spirits, but they have other things. In the mythologies of the Peninsular civilizations believed that ideas and concepts could manifest themselves as living incarnations of those ideas; an avatar of a thought so to speak. The Harbinger is one such avatar, the living incarnation of war and conflict. It is said that it comes to generals before a battle and its presence foreshadows the general's place in history. What exactly the general does to earn that place in history is known only to the Harbinger who is, like most of the avatars in Priapan mythology, silent. Perhaps they lead their army to a great victory, or a great defeat. It could even be something as simple as using a new piece of technology or strategy.

The Harbinger is said to have burning coals for eyes, and skin of bronze or steel (depending on which culture you ask). It carries a blade that cannot be broken forged from a piece of the Cosmic River (the ring around the planet), where it resides. It is also said to appear during battles, guiding the life of fallen soldiers into the Cosmic River where it will flow throughout the world and manifest itself as a new creature or avatar (a bit like reincarnation, but the outcome is pure chance instead of karma).
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