The End Picture

-Home to a species called the Endermen, used to be known as FarLanders. They originally came from Overworld. Over a long time they have developed how to teleport from planet to planet, to the point they broke a barrier and discovered The Void and a collection of ''planets''. From there they built a civilization with a Queen and King, of whom who is sought out by other species to be killed.
-In lost mythology that can be rediscovered with ease, they used to believe that the void was once a bright, large star that one day died, thus creating the galaxy. In other mythology they used to believe that The Void hosts the souls of the dead.
-Below The End, there is a illusion that is thought to be the symbol of the Endermen and a "sign" of other gods and goddesses existing. The light that culminates it is sometimes absorbed by the semi-passive blackhole that resides under it, but it gets replenished by unknown sources.
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