Futurama Frycules Picture

Halloween is almost here so I wanted to do a costume theme drawing. Recently I've been getting back into Futurama again, and I wanted to draw something featuring the Futurama characters. So the idea is that it's the Planet Express annual costume party and the theme is "ancient Greek Mythology." So I have the Futurama characters dressed as the characters from "Disney's Hercules."

With Fry as Hercules, Leela as Megara, Nibbler as Phil, Bender as Hades, Amy as Aphrodite, Hermes Conard as Hermes, Professor as Zeus and Dr Zoidberg as Posidon. I think my favourite one is Bender as Hades, because he was the most fun to draw. (Don't ask me how Bender's head is on fire, maybe he has a lighter in his head, or maybe it's a hologram, you decide.)

Futurama belongs to Matt Groening.
Hercules belongs to Walt Disney pictures.
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