Hades, Lord of the underworld Picture

And to think poor Hades was almost shelved with lots of other sketches of mine...

Don't worry Kanaloa, Adamastor, Loki, Mammon, Kephri, Ravana, and many others...
Soon you'll all have even more company.

The god of the underworld in Greek mythology, and brother of the other famous gods
Zeus and Poseidon. After defeating the Titans the brothers divided the dominion over
the world between them, Zeus ruling over the air, Poseidon over the sea, and Hades
ruling the underground kingdom of the dead, Tartarus. A gloomy god with a stern
personality, Hades was a much feared god, the mere mention of his name being an
omen of bad luck, being hated by men and gods alike. But contrary to many depictions
nowadays, he wasn't actually evil, nor a personification of death itself, being a just god
who also ruled over the riches and bounty of the earth. His main function was to make
sure none of the souls managed to escape his realm, being almost a jailer of sorts, with
many beings serving under him to keep the underworld working, such as Charon, the
ferryman of the Dead, Cerberus, the three-headed hound, and many others. The main
myth related to him is the abduction of Persephone, daughter of the goddess of fertility
Demeter, who, furious with her kidnapping, cursed the land and it became barren.
The gods managed to convince Hades to return the girl, but he had already fed her with
pomegranate seeds, and after having tasted the food of the underworld no soul is
allowed to leave, godly or not. They reached an agreement that she would spend only
two thirds of the year with her mother, returning fertility to the lands, and one third
with him in the underworld, creating winter. Many symbols were related to him,
including a bident, a scepter with a bird on top, the keys of Hades, the ebony throne of
the underworld, and his magical Helm of Darkness, capable of making whoever wore it
invisible to humans.

Lots of things going on here. Managed to cram a lot of symbology and heck, I love it.
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