New OC?! - Drowning Night Picture

a new oc?? did that really just happen i was just working on the 3 new ponies that you guys requested and had an idea and suddenly she appeared I named her Drowning Night because shes kinda based off a character from an old project from highschool but im going to give her the nickname Nyx and her little crows name is Homer because i love my Greek mythology

a little backstory;
Drowning Night loves the night and spends most of her time watching the stars and planets, her favorite planet is Pluto, and shes devoted her life to the study of dreams and how someponies imagination and experiences effects dreams, she also adopted the nickname Nyx after her night time habits and even named her pet crow Homer after the man who wrote a lot about the greek goddess Nyx
Ponies always seem to trust her and tell her about their dreams, hopes and wishes and shes always there to lend a hoof to those in need of comfort

Cutie Mark:
the three moons represent the moons of pluto, the triangle represents space and dreams and the crow wings represent darkness and the night

I developed Nyx's personality after a lot of my experiences and my imagination that has always been there when i don't feel my greatest and i guess its always been something i can talk to when im alone at night the original character had been developed to be a guardian of a character that protected the character during the night when she felt the loneliest or was lost in her imagination and needed guidance

so while Vector represents me and my changes of character depending on who im around and my imagination and love of drawing Nyx represents what im like when i am alone and is more like a guardian

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