Sailor Quaoar Picture

Some time ago, the scientist discovered a new planet in our solarsystem and called it Quaoar, after the great God of Creation from the native American Tonva Tribe.

Sailor Quaoar

Talisman: Eagle Totem
Element: Creation
.......... "Quaoar Power, Make Up"
Attack: "Quaoar Spirit Dance" (Sailor Quaoar dances in a circle, stops in the center and attacks)

Alias: Tengai, Odoriko Satinka ("Holy Dancer beyond the Heavens"), (Satinka is Tongva and means "Holy Dancer")
Nickname: Riko by her friends, Tinka by her mothers fality
Hobbies: Dance, singing and Tongva-Mythology

Father: Tengai, Hisomu ("Hidden beyond the Heavens")
Mother: Tengai, Taini (Taini is Tongva and meens "Returning Moon")
Grandmother: Winona (Winona is Tongva and meens "First Born")
GreatGrandMother: Wakanda (Wakanda is Tongva and means "Possess Magical Powers")

Odoriko is the Great Grandchild of a Spiritcaller of the Tongva Tribe. Her mother moved to Japan and met Odorikos father while she was on college.

Odoriko received her powers in the year she was living with her Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
Odorikos Great Grandmother, Wakanda, is a Spiritcaller and she is the one who teaches Tongva-Mythology to Odoriko.

One day during a meditation lesson, Odoriko managed to come in contact to the great Got of Creation, Quaoar, and he gave Odoriko his powers.
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