Princess Neo Mars Picture

Civilian name: Kagura Hino
Royal Title: Princess Hestia
Age: 16
Height: 5ft 3in (161.29 cm)
Birthday: April 19th (Aries)
Likes: Busy work, mythology, being in charge.
Dislikes: her unmanageable hair, lazy people, and especially sexism.
Strengths: Independent, optimistic, courageous
Weaknesses: Moody, impatient, and being over-zealous

Bio: Hestia is the only child of Queen Sekhmet, the ruler of Mars. Being an only child, she is used to her personal space and has a streak of independence. She does not like being helped. Being raised on the planet Mars, which is renowned for it's supreme military, she learned the ins and outs of combat at a young age, and is proficient in wielding several types of weapons, though she particularly favors the long bow.
Those outside her planet tend to see her as a bit of a war hawk, looking for every and any reason to start a fight, which is a matter of fact, not true. She'll only beat someone up if they have personally wronged her and deserved it. Hestia does NOT fight anyone else's battles for them.

Hestia/Kagura (C): Moi
The concept of Sailor Moon belongs to Naoko Takeuchi
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