10 Days of Doctor Who Challenge: The Beast Picture

"I am the rage and the vile and the voracity. I am the Prince and the Fallen. I am the Enemy, I am the Sin and the fear and darkness. I shall never die. The thought of me is forever; in the bleeding hearts of men, in their vanity and obsecrate and lust. Nothing shall ever destroy me. Nothing!" - The Beast

Okay Here we go Day 7: The Beast! The Beast was an ancient being that had been trapped for billions of years in a pit at the centre of the planet named in the Scriptures of the Veltino as Krop Tor, orbiting a black hole humans had designated K37 Gem 5, kept in balance by an energy source below the surface of the planet. This counterweight extended out in a funnel into open space. The Beast was imprisoned by "Disciples of Light", who had crafted its prison such that if it ever freed itself, the gravitational force would collapse and the planet, and the Beast with it, would be pulled into the black hole.

The Beast was awakened when a human expedition party flew their ship through the funnel to land on the planet, hoping to excavate and claim the power source for their Empire. The Beast telepathically spoke through the empathic Ood, who became the "Legion of the Beast", and later possessed Toby Zed. Resembling a huge horned demon, the Beast claimed that it was the basis of the Devil figure in all religions and mythologies (including Abaddon, Satan, the Kaled god of war, and Lucifer), and that it originated from before the creation of the universe. It is uncertain whether this is true and the exact nature of the Beast remains uncertain. The Beast knew and played on the hidden fears and secrets of those with whom it spoke, and the Doctor described it as extremely intelligent.

Intending to escape Krop Tor, the Beast possessed Toby Zed. However, the Doctor smashed the power source of the prison, causing Krop Tor to be dragged into the black hole, and the Beast's body burst into flames. At that moment, while fleeing the planet in a spacecraft with his team, Toby who was possessed by the Beast angrily proclaimed that as long as he was feared, he could never be destroyed. Rose Tyler, however, shot out the cockpit window with a bolt gun, causing Toby, with the mind of the Beast, to be blown into the black hole.

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