Kadrua Hydras Reference Picture

My fan troll~

Name: Kadrua Hydras

Name Origin: Kadru is snake goddess. Hydra is a mythological snake.

Age: 6 sweeps.

Symbol: Ouroboros.

Blood Colour: Blue

Troll Tag: immortalCoil (IC)

Typing Quirk: Ssspamsss sss'sss to sssound like a sssnake.

Strife Specibus: Snakeswordkind

Sylladex: Array

Lusus: A snake with similar horns to her own.

Planet: Land of Trees and Frogs. (LOTAF)

Title: Maid of Space.

Dream: Prosprit.

Ancestor: The Poisoner.

She likes to collect venom of other snake lusus because she likes to collect venom to use in her weapon. This leaves some poor troll orphaned.

Talk sprite base by: ~shae-luvs-xei163

Homestuck (C) Andrew Hussie
Kadrua belongs to me.
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