Lilium Candidum Picture

The title reflects the meaning of the creation of the piece, not the piece itself (look up the plant and what it represents in some cultures/mythologies). My girlfriend asked me if I could actually put some real effort into what I did in photoshop, something I'd spend a long time on and make it stunningly beautiful. So.. thats what I did, I think? I like this alot, easily considered by myself as the best of my best. I've spent about 5 weeks working on it so far... and there is far more to it than what you see. The real image is 4800 x 7200, and contains two other planets, various stars and comets, a nebula yet to be made, and some 3d modeled space stations and cruisers...also yet to be made. This is but a fragment of the image, a part I would consider for the most part done and I couldn't let it sit on my hard drive any longer. The PSD so far is up to 510MiB in file size...taking over 13 minutes to open (and this is with a TON of layers actually merged, in total I've lost count how many went into this). The planet as you see it (or see half of it) took up around 3 weeks of my time. This is the actual image scaled down some to get a nice crop area to put into a wallpaper, not the fullsize.

As I put a ton of work into this, comments will be very much appreciated. Try to be criticial, also give me praise
Ohh yeah, and for the love of God..please full view this

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