Hungry Vagrant Picture

Another drawing done on the "Sketchable" app.

So I've been working a bit more on Halona's backstory (or at least a potential one). Her kind are known as "Meeks" in the galaxy, due to their outwardly benign and peaceful appearance, but really they are like a space version of sirens from Greek mythology, instead they lure travelers to their colonies and eat them. Their origin planet is confirmed to be "Ekurruna", a mostly oceanic planet (and the same planet where Keedra's species originated). They have no centralized form of government or anything, just small colonies scattered around space doing their own thing.

Halona left her colony to integrate with the galactic community in hopes for a more interesting life, something that few Meeks do. Unfortunately, most other species tend to despise and distrust them for obvious reasons, so Halona has a hard time finding a place to stay or getting enough money to eat (though the thought of eating other citizens if she had the chance has never left her mind- if she ever had a primal relapse).

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