Dragtilda Using More Magic Crystal. Picture

Changed her design again. I just need to find the right design for Sairia Dragtilda. So I also added the little colors below to know what colors she is using and did not want to overdress her with so much details. Because I wouldn't want to go over and over again to draw and color so much detail in one character.

To catch up on Sarias Universe. This is not Earth or the Solar System, its another system and a another planet that's the size as Jupiter called Planet "Phoria" that contain two moons and is very primitive with Magic, Monsters and the sword. The planet contains Magical elements such as Magical Crystals in the planet that anyone can use to harvest magic. One of the moons contain a futuristic utopian City with vast technology from Guns to Mech machines, but does not have any magic at all. Since they rely on technology rather than Magic.

Sairia Dragtilda pretty much liked both, and mastered both Technology and Magic, putting them both together to make her own Castle Space Base. Her only job is to Eliminate all anthro life on the planet, that would also include other species of mythology creatures and other types of fantasy creatures, to let Dragon-kind rule the planet. That is why she must be stopped.

Though Sairia may be very huge, she mosley uses her great mind to create machines that run by magic to do her bidding.

Her suit does protects her from any attack, she did uses the magical glowing crystals to power that tight suit, carving them into round oval shapes to strap them to her wide legs and shoulders to keep the magical energy flowing threw her suit, the small problem is that the magic energy will not last, and will be drain, making the suit very week to any attack, even a slash of a
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