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My Persephone (and Hades)'s reaction to a post I found on tumblr.

This post inspired me to say something important about Hades/Persephone.
There are many beautiful people who ships these two, and they're very sincere about it. Things they hated the most of the media is the fact that they made Hades (evil, satanic, cruel, extremely violent, etc.) inaccurate. These example traits carries around the world, and convinces people who are not familiar of Greek Mythology to believe the God of the Underworld is the only evil god always trying to destroy mortals or the most famous Hades-stereotype of all; "Take over Mt. Olympus so he can rule over all!"(Fuck This Shit!). I've seen many articles about this and multiple Hades characters all around the internet to understand their pain and frustration. So they begin to express their way of the myth of Hades and Persephone. They created all types of amazing work of art media that inspired one another to do something similar. People see different ways of Hades and Persephone's personalities instead of sticking to the same typical one. (You know which one I'm talking about; Hades being an abusive, raping husband and Persephone the miserable damsel-in-distress.) I will be honest, I love these different characteristics they put for them. But that was until I found out about people's respect for Hades changing and has lessened. If your not following, here are some examples I'm talking about; "No but seriously, Hades is the lamest most awkward shit baby in the pantheon. He doesn't know how to relate to people, all his friends are dead. The rest of the Dodecatheon are just on Olympus partying it up and he's down in the Underworld, with his dog, listening to dead heroes complain about not getting enough glory and being vaguely annoyed at everything. He doesn't do anything, besides like probably macrame or some shit. Like literally, the only real story about Hades is him and Persephone."
This is the problem. Not only did they tried to kill off the whole 'Evil Hades' bullshit, but they tried to kill it off with some new mind-fucking bullshit!
The fact that Hades doesn't know how to relate to people is that he rarely leaves the Underworld, and he doesn't leave because he can't leave the Underworld. He is counted on to look over the place all the time for new deceased comers and rule like how any other king should.
All the other gods on Olympus have much more looser roles and in the Sun all the time, leading to easy access partying and celebration, not giving a fuck about their jobs. They could never understand the struggle of living in eternal darkness and rule with an iron fist 24/7. So they never look forward to having Hades coming in Olympus and joining them. They push him aside from the family and he uses that isolation to build himself strength and restraining himself, making an introverted god. And they are real people out there that are introverted as well and pushed away from society. Yes, he is grim and depressed, but it is natural for people to change personalities because of the environment around them. Like the Underworld and his dysfunctional family.
Honestly, I'm glad and proud of you people who are changing the title,"The Rape of Persephone" to create different perspectives of the gods and unlimiting the characteristics of them, especially Hades and Persephone. Now I'm seeing from the 'Persephone: The Innocent and Prisoner of Evil Hades' to 'Persephone: The Dread, Iron Queen; Baddest Bitch there is'. This new title began to spread and became way too common for me to slide. (Fuck No! am I letting this Slide!) Persephone is BOTH the Goddess of Spring and the Queen of the Underworld. There is a balance in her character and personality that makes her complex. Persephone is not some sex slave, nor is she an 'All of a sudden the Replacement of Hades' goddess. The reasons he choose her is because she means so much to him. She is the Light of his immortal Life and Companion so he'll never forget the Sunlight again. She had something special that he couldn't have. To all others on Olympus, she's just another goddess; another random member in their family. (BTW, this is to all others except Demeter.) People pay too much attention to her 'Queen of the Underworld' side that they forgot she had other beautiful personalities as well that makes her, well, Persephone! She still has a role in the Upperworld, attending the nature of Mother Earth(Gaia). Solely because of Persephone, People had shoved Hades in the dump as if he isn't important anymore. HADES DID NOT JUST CARRIED HER INTO HIS PLACE JUST TO GET OUTRANKED BY HER!! Now before any of you protest, I get that a lot of you guys made Persephone a little more badass and Hades have a softer side for her just for comedic twists or something similar. I am okay for that! I'm talking about how people are making Persephone nothing but the Queen of the Underworld and Hades nothing but an emo goth-wannabe shit baby. If ya'll people haven't realized yet, then I'll say it straight foreword. Making Hades weak and Persephone dominating is the SAME exact shit as making Hades evil and Persephone as a rape victim.

Anonymous:"But Hades doesn't even do anything he just sits on his throne and being a crybaby."
Me: Doesn't do anything.................DOESN'T DO ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!???????????? OHMYADGSCAV WDBGVAEFBVAJSFBAJGEFBSRGBV!!!!!!
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