Aphrodite Picture

I made this lovely lady 2 years ago using Azalea's Goddess Scene-Maker www.azaleasdolls.com/goddess-s… She was actually one of the easiest dolls I've ever done in that game. Since it's Valentine's Day I wanted to post her.

Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty in ancient Greek mythology. In ancient Roman times, she was known as Venus, and there's even a planet named after her. The setup of the doll was inspired by both the famous Botticelli painting as well as the most popular myth of how Aphrodite was born. (It's actually kinda gross, in my opinion). There are other myths telling how Aphrodite was born, but most people think of the one where she was born from the foam of the sea and carried to an island on a seashell. Incidentally, one of her many symbols is a scallop shell. Typically ancient Greeks and Romans would pray for her help in their love lives.

Most often Aphrodite is portrayed as a beautiful, nude blond; though I've heard of her having red or dark hair too. Quite a number of Renaissance and Victorian painters have done romantic artwork based on her.
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