Skin Deep: David Picture

SO. My buddy *booker has this webcomic thingummy called Skin Deep, that's all about monsters and mythology and music and snazzy things like that. AS WE'RE BUDS AND ALL, I've gone and created a few supporting cast members for her comic in my free time (only fair, as she's given me a couple for Team D.U.D.E.). Why have you lot never seen them before? Simple: Furries Ruin Everything. I haven't been comfortable with drawing and sharing anthropomorphic characters in the open for ages now because of furries, so while I've drawn these characters for Kory many times over a lengthy period of time, I've never really shared any.

But my other friend *ladydragona went and did this neat series of her own characters-for-Skin-Deep, and I was inspired to come out of my shell and share a few of my own. THANKS SFE.

So hopefully, I'll be posting a bunch of quick little portraits and drawings of the mythological-based characters I've made for Kory's comic, and all in a relatively short period of time. LET'S SEE HOW MANY I CAN DO.

I love monstery people.


NAME: Pierce David Haywood
AGE: 21
INFO: ..Aaaaaand we're done! PHEW. Last but not least, we have the other Dave in my life! His first name is actually Pierce, but as he worships musicians named David he tends to go by his middle name. He will answer to both!

David is an Ouzelum Bird, a northern offshoot of the African Oozlum Bird. Ouzelum Birds are fabulous creatures with pure white feathers and strange blue extremeties, and as one of the oldest mythological creatures on the planet has more than a passing similarity to a raptor. They're large birds, around the size of wolves, and can alternately walk on their hind legs and all fours.

The most famous aspect of the Ouzelum is their ability and tendency to do everything backwards, particularly flying. Their hindlegs are technically a second pair of wings, which comes in handy for it. An old saying is that the Ouzelum Bird flies backwards because it doesn't care where it is going, but likes to know where it has been. The Ouzelum can also sing and speak backwards, imitate other birds, and likes to perch upside down using its powerful hindclaws to hang from something.

Ouzelum are pretty eccentric, as is David himself. He'll try anything once, is into body decoration and mix-and-matched midforms, and inspired by Kevin Barnes of Of Montreal, is very into "manskirts" and kilts and boots and other femme accessories. He likes to dye and re-dye his feathers different colors and patterns, which translate into tattoos when he's in his human form. This tends to weird out human acquaintances that don't know he's a mythological creature, as it looks like his tattoos are shifting around on him.

David is cheerful, unabashed and shameless, likes a good laugh, and enjoying life as much as possible. He will try to mooch food off you, and sometimes follows Alec around like a puppy because of all the insects and snakes he attracts. His best friend in the L.A. is Ike of all people, and he enjoys teasing Anthony whenever possible. One of his favorite past-times is going to rave clubs and randomly shapeshifting during the strobelight portions to freak out the kids who're out of their gourds on something. He probably works at some sort of monster manicurist's & boutique, hah. He's also the most serious musician of the bunch (that I created) and will sing with whoever will play with him. Singing backwards and shapeshifing during the act is his big schtick. Likes to exchange fashion tips with Rhonda.

As I know people will comment on it, I did take part of David's design from an old character and concept long-since abandoned, as I liked it so much and didn't want it to lay fallow. But that's all the characters have in common.

I'm really pleased with how this one came out! I think it's the best of the lot or one of the best, and I'm glad this whole thing is going out with a bang. Th-th-th-that's all, folks. IT WAS FUN.



Characters illustrated belong both to me and *booker. It's her comic after all, haha.
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