solar owl Uranus Picture

bubo philippensis, philippine eagle owl

The Father, The authority, The reluctant

Clouds- uranus comes form the greek world ouranos which translates as sky or heaven , Uranus was also the greek god who personified the sky

grey clouds- uranous in greek mythology was said to have been born from storms and chaos

Vine clinging- uranus is said to have suddenly come out of the earth amongst the chaos of the world at the time

Orchid- in astrology aquarius is ruled by this planet and the pink orchid is the symbol of the star sign

ash tree- in greek mythology uranus was attacked by his youngest son, the blood that fell from uranus fell from the heavens to the sky and from the blood amongst other things the ash tree nymphs were formed.

hope you guys like

had lots of fun painting this owl they are so beautiful looking

(C) devon busby

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