Escape from the River Styx Picture

Created in Ps CS5. I must mention *Jeffbear21's [link] contribution towards this as he suggested my starting colour, which set me off on one, so thank you.

This is my rendition of Demeter and Persephone fleeing the River Styx and away from the Underworld.
I have always found the story of this mother and daughter very sad and have often hoped for a happy ending and here it is. In this picture Demeter saves Persephone well before she consumes any food while captive and leaves with no obligation to ever return.

On a side note, this is my first attempt at adding a moon or satellite to a planet. I'm not completely happy with the result but it'll do for a starting point.

If you'd like to modify this in any way please do so long as you credit me in the description and post a link here.
You can download the planets here [link]

I'd like to credit ~buchvecny for their fantastic star field. [link]

I've entered this to Mythology contest here
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