Tales of Galaxy Picture

Ive been putting this off for a while now. or more like, i only just got round to it. the inspiration for this came from when i was at a place called LIFE museum, and i watched this space thing. I'm fascinated by astronomy and anything to do with planets and stuff. and so i thought it would be epic cool to make a picture with planets from the tales series!
at first i really wanted to do Terca Lumires, the planet from Tales of Vesperia, and then i wanted to do other ones too.
so now, i decided to put a handful of planets from the tales series.
The biggest blue one is Terca Lumires, you can see Brave Vesperia floating above it. the second biggest to the left is apparently the planet from tales of phantasia, and the blue one at the top is apparently aselia, and the two planets facing each other are celestia and inferia (you can see the orbus barrier in the middle. hope i got it right).
i've only played Vesperia, Eternia and Tales of the world: Radiant mythology.
i really put a lot of effort into vesperia's maps, and a fair bit into inferia/celestia, but none into the other two so please excuse them xD
i couldn't find ANY decent maps anywhere. anyway enjoy!
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