Celesdolls - IX Planetes (SCRAPPED OCS) Picture

Celesdolls - Inter-dimensional Divinities

The Celesdolls are another group of Soul Puppet, this time much higher and powerful than the Sinnequins combined. They have god-like powers, and are treated as such by their lower brethren. They have enough power to crumble an entire planet to dust, to put out a star's flames, and to warp space and time itself. But luckily, they have no ill intentions, and they wander around in their own realm without a care about our own. They very rarely cross dimensions, but when they do, they either survey/aid their lesser brethren, or punish those they seem to find a nuisance.

The Planetes group of Celesdolls are only slightly more powerful then their Zodiac brethren, yet they are treated as the latter's "masters" and "mistresses." Each of the Planetes rule over certain members of the Zodiacs, and their presence may either heighten the strength and power of that Celesdoll, or may weaken them, depending on who it is. Also, unlike the Zodiac Celesdolls, the Planetes group has a similar effect to the Emotionettes: Their presence affects the behavior, mentality and even health of those around them. This can affect ALL kinds of beings, from mere humans to fellow Celesdolls.

Helios represents the Sun. Having not just the ability to control flames (as obvious as it seems), he can also control the strength of sunlight around them, turn night into day in an instant, and even project intense beams/rays of light around himself, either for offensive or defensive tactics. His presence intensifies the sunlight bathing down around him, and if nighttime, emits his own beams of light, making the area around him as bright as it would be in daytime. If he focuses his gaze on one object for a period of time, he will eventually literally burn a hole through it, and perhaps ignite it if it happens to be flammable. And another ability of his eyes, in his words, he can see any area as long as the light can reach it. Helios rules over Leo and his presence strengthens Aries, and weakens the power of Aquarius.

Helios is one of the two first Celesdolls ever created, the other being his sister, Selene. Helios has been granted the power of the sun, and is named after the personification of the sun in Greek mythology. Helios was, and still is a bit odd mannered, erratic in behavior and moves with strange actions. He runs from one part of the universe to another to bring the gift of light to those who deserve and need it. When the other Celesdolls were created, he soon stopped his duty and instead split his power into some of his lesser brethren, a known individual being the Zodiac Celesdoll "Virgo." Helios now resides in a realm unknown to everyone but himself, occasionally visiting other realms and other worlds when he pleases to, or if he sees something unfit and try to do something about it.

Selene represents the Moon. Selene is similar to her brother in terms of abilities, having also the capability to control and emit light. But her powers lean more on the lunar and nocturnal side, and she prefers to be surrounded in dim light rather than being bathed in bright light. Her abilities are those of Helios' but lunar oriented, and her presence instead dims the light, but not to the point of darkness, but just that of a level that only a faint glow of bluish light can be seen around her. But she has one capability that Helios doesn't have, and vice versa. Helios can see everything as long as sunlight can reach it, Selene's vision is restricted to that of a normal human's. But she can focus ALL the light in her surroundings into one viciously intense beam of light to be fired at her adversaries. This results not only catastrophic damage to her target, but also darkens the sky around her to pitch black for a period of time. Selene rules over Cancer and her presence strengthens Taurus and weakens Capricorn.

Selene, as mentioned earlier, is one of the first two Celesdolls created, along with her brother. Selene was given the power of the night and darkness, but is also granted some control over light, and that is by the large source that hangs above the dim night sky. Selene was more "normal" compared to her brother, and she never had a duty as strenuous as Helios', instead just stays in the realm of souls and guides them around. Then when the other Celesdolls are created, during their creation, her mental health has decreased a bit, and she now also exhibits slightly odd behaviors such as giggling out of nowhere, strong mood swings, and even turning day into pitch black night for absolutely no reason at all.

Mercury represents the first terrestial planet closest to the Sun, and has no element to control. Instead, his strength is in his speed, and is undeniably the fastest Celesdoll in the universe, exceeding Sagittarius by a mile. He is also very agile and quick to think, and no matter how winding and seemingly confusing the path in front of him is, he can easily navigate through it in the fastest time and without even being obstructed by an obstacle. He is also deemed as the smartest Celesdoll, and the others occasionally go to him if they happen to have a question or two in their minds. Mercury rules over Gemini and Virgo, strengthens the power of the latter and weakens Sagittarius and Pisces.

Symbolized By the Roman Messenger deity, he is the one that spreads news and thoughts to other Soul Puppets, even to those of the lesser side like the Sinnequins and Emotionettes. He is can be seen usually travelling back and forth delivering messages to and fro, but despite his seemingly overwhelming and tiresome job, he enjoys it and barely even breaks a (metaphorical) sweat. In his spare time, he plays tricks on fellow Celesdolls, and usually pokes fun on the Zodiac group, since he finds them much more interesting than his fellow Planetes.

Venus represents the second terrestial planet, and like Mercury, doesn't have any element in her arsenal. She is symbolized by the deity of romance and sex, and relies on deception and tricking her enemies then striking them down when they least expect it and at their weak points. Venus, like the Sinnequin of Lust and the Emotionette of Love, focuses on the sexual preferences of individuals and tapping them out to make them rise to the top and be satisfied. Her effect is much stronger than the other two Soul Puppets, even affecting those who are genderless, like her fellow Celesdolls. She can take control of an individual by charming them and binding their will to her's. But should her adversaries see through her play and manage to ignore her tricks, she fights dirty and hits her opponents at weak points like joints and vital areas, and should her opponent be something like a machine, that will be the only and perfect time for her to decide that she must retreat. Venus rules over Taurus and Libra, strengthens Pisces and weakens Scorpio and Aries.

Venus manipulates the desires of those around her as her hobby, usually pairing people up for either no reason, or just because she totally sees them "perfect for one another." And for pranks, she occasionally makes her friends fall in love with each other to mess with them and to see the looks on their faces. Despite that she herself cannot have sex, she simply channels her own desires into an individual to be her vessel and uses that individual to satisfy her needs, feeling what her vessel can feel. She can do the same for others so that they can have their own "dummy". Others usually see her as a succubus and as a "wicked being", since she tends to make her victims very embarrassed in the end and may even make them "accidentally" spill out their hard-kept secrets.

Earth represents the third terrestial planet. She is symbolized by the deity "Gaia" (and is usually called by that name along with "Terra"), and unlike the other Celesdolls, Earth actually has control over more than one element. In fact, she wields all four, and she can all wield them with the same expertise and power as a specialist of just one element can do at max. But despite her complex and variated powers, she dislikes fights and prefers to talk things over first, but she will not hesitate to using violence if she has no other choice or if she is told to and is given a good reason. Since she can control all four elements, she can be hard to put down, as she can send streams of burning flames, drown enemies in a gush of water, send them into the air by a gust of wind, and cover them in a tomb of earth, all at the same time or in quick succession. Earth rules over no Zodiac Celesdoll and her presence does not affect them in any way, positively or negatively.

Earth is a timid and caring individual, and those of childish behavior often look up to her and treat her as if they are their mother. And she acts like one as well, very caring and easily concerned if her friends and "children" are harmed/hurt in anyway, and will defend those she holds dear with force. She treats all others with respect and kindness, and only raises her tone if she is disobeyed or disrespected. She also keeps calm in all situations and thinks things through well, yet quickly. And she is also more than willing to lend a hand to ANYONE, as long as the reason is acceptable to her.

Mars represents the fourth terrestial planet and is symbolized by the Roman deity of war. Mars was made to be a warrior, marches today as a soldier, and plans on leaving our realm a hero. Armed with his sword and spear, named Phobos and Deimos, respectively, he charges into the battlefield with no concern over his own safety, thrusting himself into melees that only he can survive, and litters the ground with the hundreds of the dead bodies of his foes. Others might think he has no "special" ability, like fireballs, lasers or gravity turning. He rarely exhibits such abilities, but he does have his own share. He can fix his gaze an at opponent, and once they look at each other's eyes, they are locked in a duel that cannot be interrupted and cannot be ended unless one dies by the other's hand. And since due to Mars' power, the description is now usually "cannot be ended unless Mars has killed his opponent." His weapons, Phobos and Deimos, are also "cursed", and anyone that they hit will be afflicted by slow, yet steady loss of courage, eventually turning into cowards lost and running around in the battlefield, only to be hunted down and impaled by the mighty god of war. Mars rules over Aries and Scorpio, strengthens Capricorn and weakens Libra and Taurus.

Outside of battle, however, Mars is a lazy individual, and usually bosses others to do the work for him. He also refuses any challenges if his opponent is seemingly weak/small in his eyes. He is also very protective of his two weapons. If they were touched by ANYONE, he will try punish that individual to the point that they WILL regret of ever doing such a thing in the first place, even if that individual happens to be someone stronger or higher than him. If he doesn't want to be in a battle, yet wants to hurt someone, he usually goes to the lesser Soul Puppets and chooses one for him to torment.

Jupiter represents the fifth and the largest planet. Symbolized by the king of the gods, Jupiter is the third most powerful Celesdoll, only surpassed by Helios and Selene. A quick tempered individual, Jupiter sends bolts of ravaging lightning and furious gushes of gale-force winds at anyone he deems as a foe, or simply just a disliked person. He can electrify the air around him, shocking anyone too close and even paralyzing them by shutting down their nervous system. He can focus all that static energy loose in the air into a single location/target, making sure they get electrocuted without even seeing a bolt head toward them and that they cannot escape it very easily. He is the physically largest among the Celesdolls after Helios. His size and dominance over almost everyone makes him an intimidating individual, and his stern gaze is sure to make you feel tiny and worthless and VERY repentant of your sins. Jupiter rules over Sagittarius and Pisces, strengthens Cancer and weakens Gemini and Virgo.

Jupiter rules over all the other Celesdolls (except for the mentioned proto-Celesdolls) with an iron fist. All the others obey him and his rules firmly, but if they decide to be unruly and disobedient, he will make them know that he is not one to be mocked and take lightly. He will not refuse to give punishment to ANYONE, whether they be a human, a Soul Puppet, or something else. He may seem stern, but he does have a slightly comedic side, although his jokes are sometimes dark and is often followed by a "friendly", yet painful punch or slap.

Saturn represents the sixth planet. Symbolized by the Roman deity of agriculture, Saturn's presence makes nearby plants grow much faster and healthier. Surrounded by glowing, spinning "dust", it circles around his body in the shape of a ring. Coming in contact with his ring WILL hurt, as if being cut by an ethereal, cold sawblade. He can enlarge the diameter of his ring (therefore increasing its reach), or even throw it like a giant, deadly frisbee. His signature item, though, is his scythe. Although it looks wicked, he has never cut, torn or pierced flesh with it. Instead, he uses it on the ground under him. Any cracks and openings it creates can sprout giant, thorny vines to hold an enemy in place, or serve as a portal for his fellow Celesdolls. And despite the fact his scythe's blade has never harmed any living being, he will not hesitate to use its less deadly parts like its blunt stick or its less-sharp/pointy opposite end to defend himself with. Saturn rules over Capricorn and Aquarius, strengthens Libra, and weakens Cancer and Leo.

Saturn prefers peace over war, but it doesn't mean he wont fight. If agitated, he'll ignore, simply scold, or leave his offender. If they cannot be escaped easily, he may use more threatening tactics like pushing them away with his scythe or gently whacking the top of their head with its blunt part. And the reason why he has and never will harm a living being with his scythe's blade is that he fears that he might get used to it to using it as a cruel weapon of death, rather than a tool for growing crops and plants. He also believes that if its blade touches blood, it might grow dull and make his grown vegetation poor and unhealthy. Saturn's personality is pretty bland, as he doesn't seem to exhibit any extremely odd/weird behavior like most of his fellow Celesdolls. He does have a habit of telling his friends to "calm their beard" if they are agitated.

Uranus represents the seventh planet, and is symbolized by the Roman deity of the sky. Having no visible legs, he uses levitation and the power of uplifting winds to keep him afloat and as a means of locomotion. Uranus' hands are not made of the physical, plastic-like substance the other Celesdoll's hands are made of, rather made by a bluish, ghostly material, which also seems to be his "ligaments and tendons", holding his body parts together. Like Jupiter, he can also summon hurricane-force winds to tear down structures, uproot plants and house roofs and sweep people off their feet. His favorite technique is to trap his opponents in a furious vortex of wind, threatening to tear off any limbs that touch its walls, or send them flying and perhaps into the face of a cliff. Rules over Aquarius, strengthens Scorpio and weakens Leo.

Uranus is usually compared to Cancer by his friends, seeing as both of them "walk" around sideways. Uranus' head is facing to his right, and he considers that side to be his front. Therefore, he always floats around facing right. To turn his head "forward" is to turn his head left. To turn his head "backward" is to turn it right, and it is impossible for him to turn his head to his "left". Despite his physical anomaly, he is a mentally normal individual, and is neutral to the idea of war and peace. To him, he will fight if needed, and if the reason behind it is something he is very willing to defend, he will continue fighting for it even if harms others. ...he also seems to have a strong dislike for Saturn, even though Saturn himself holds no hard feelings to Uranus, and has no idea of offending/hurting him in the past.

Neptune represents the eighth planet and is symbolized by the Roman deity of the sea. Prefering to keep himself covered/dipped in water, Neptune rarely ever ventures out to dry land. But if he does, he makes sure he leaves the area flooded to a level that he finds soothing. In battle, he weilds a long, spear-like trident. It looks lightweight and easy to wield like a spear, but in reality, it is as heavier than a huge mass of solid steel. Only Neptune possesses the strength, skill and knowledge to wield his trident properly, and he is so fluent in using it, it seems unlikely that the weapon is much much heavier as it's claimed to be. Its end can also be connected to a heavy chain, to which its other end is connected to Neptune himself. Along with the usual melee strikes, stabs and swings, he can add the power of the tides to each movement of his trident, making so that a powerful wave hits his enemy directly right after they are stricken by its edge. And through this trident, he controls water as if it is his own body part. Neptune rules over Pisces, strengthens said sign, and weakens Virgo.

Neptune is very ill-tempered, much like Jupiter. He may be much smaller in size to the latter, but his strength is close to level with Jupiter's. When angered, Neptune doesn't use water as his means of showing he is pissed, but instead summons earthquakes. Therefore, the others try as much as possible to NOT agitate him, as earthquakes can be more troublesome and destructive than strikes of lightning. When he is a good mood, Neptune is a quiet individual, and he prefers to take action rather than use words. He is very fond of water, and acts as if he cannot live without it, even though he can. Usually, he can be seen with Aquarius, forcing the latter to generate endless amounts of water to please his "needs".

Pluto represents the smallest, coldest, darkest, and the last planet, and is symbolized by the Greek deity of the underworld. Residing in a realm separate from the "Celesdoll" realm, he is the master of his domain, which he calls the "Underscape." He has little control over living beings, but once they cross the plane between life and death, they no longer have the right to say no. Pluto is a dictator to the souls of the dead, and he always hungers for more souls to pull into his home. He can control souls to attack for him, or BE the attack itself. In addition to his necromancy and spiritual grasp, he also has the ability to control the chilling power of the north. Come close to him and you will feel your body slowly stiffening and freezing. Keep too close and you shall be black with frostbite in a matter of minutes. To mortals, he is the face of death, the sight of him means the end, and the lordly, chilling air around him can still the breath and hearts of the weak. But to his fellow Celesdolls, he is nothing more but a tiny wimp. Pluto rules over and empowers Scorpio, and weakens Taurus.

Pluto is literally the smallest Celesdoll. His apperance may seem as if his height is the same as the others, but in reality, the tips of his feet reach only past his "waist". His arms are abnormally long in proportion to his body, but he purposely meant to do his to himself to make him appear taller. In a futile attempt to mask his stunted height, he floats up high and lets his cloak drop down to give him the apperance of a legless humanoid similar to Uranus. Despite his dark image frozen to mortal minds, to the rest, he is just a pipsqueak trying hard to look high and mighty. Pluto holds a grudge and slight hatred toward the others, and swears he WILL make them bow down before him in due time. And that is also the reason why he resides in the Underscape most of the time, to get away from his friend's mocking and teasing.


Long-ass description ended. YAYZ~

So yeah. They are called the "Planetes Celesdolls", which comes from the origin word of "planet." And yes, the 9 planet Celesdolls have a mouth. |3

NOTE: I made Venus look too much like Virgo. I'm changing the latter's appearance so Venus and Virgo don't look like twins. |D And I really don't like how I did Jupiter and Venus there. <|3

EDIT: These characters are now null and void. This deviation is merely kept for archival purposes. They are now replaced by another set of OCs known as Si'Rothian deities.

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