Mythological IZ inspired adopts (open) Picture

Unintentionally rainbow set of adoptables ;-;
And sorry they're for cash only.
So going to try this again. This time a variety of species and junk, each inspired by mythological creatures.
From left: Ignis, Nightmare, Hippogriff, Dryad, Yeti, Selkie, and Unicorn.

No time limit, they'll be open until they're all bought. And you have 3 days to send me your payment, unless you let me know ahead of time if you need a couple more days. Otherwise the adopt you're reserved for will be open back up. S

Sneaky Nightmare Silhouette: (open)
Badass Ignis Vortian: (open)
Speedster Hippogriff Irken: (open)
Nature loving Dryad Vortian: (open)
Giant Yeti Planet Jacker: ProjectHalfbreed
Sassy Selkie Irken: (open)
Fabulous Unicorn Vortian: Zebraswirls

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