Norse Mythology: Ragnarok Picture

"Surtur then set the worlds ablaze with his flaming sword. None of the Nine Worlds escaped from the fire. The Earth tried to sink into the sea to avoid the scorching heat. Gods and men, giants and dwarves will all be perished in the fire. Fire that reaches as high as the heavens. The sun will darken, and the stars will vanish from the heaven."

I used the Sun here as the main destructive force because in five billion years the Sun will become a Red Giant; a fire giant, so I made this link between Lord Surtur and the Red Giant sun as the antagonists of Ragnarok. Unfortunately the real size of The Sun or The Nine Worlds cannot be portrayed accurately as the planets would only either be a pixel of the page in comparison to the sun or the Sun would have to be supersized which would take up the entire canvas. Anyway, its further fitting I think, because the stars would be blacked out once swallowed by a black hole created after the sun fading.

I also thought to portray Surtur burning the Worlds' Tree - Yggdrasil, because in Norse myth this tree links the Nine Worlds, an so its destruction might mean the worlds' end.

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