MythMod 2: The Outer Planets Picture

Second part of the series, covering the outer planets. The principle behind it is taking the idea of the planets as deities, and bringing it up to date with modern facts about the planets. Yes, this is thoroughly daft but hey, if I can't let my imagination get the better of me when I'm drawing, when can I let it get the better of me?

The outer planets were tougher to come up with good ideas for, I'm afraid, but I've done my best.

Jupiter: The other of the two planets that the ancients got roughly right, along with Mercury. As the largest planet, Jupiter is a natural candidate for their leadership. Jupiter also has the interesting extra effect of diverting comets into orbit around itself as moons, thus reducing the number that come into Earth orbit, hence the protection part: I have this image of her as some sort of cosmic cop.

Jupiter is almost a straight recolour of [link] , although I had a devil of a time folding the arms. The little crown affair is supposed to symbolise both her position as head planet, and also the famous Great Red Spot. Incidentally, what news of Richie, whose quote Jupiter is based off?

Saturn: Saturn is a very pretty planet with those rings, and the love slot on the roster had been vacated by Venus. The concept of giving her a big hat then made me think of fashion, which I thought fitted in very nicely, and also gives her a bit more edge than she would otherwise have. After finishing the design, I realised that she looked just a little pimpish. But I guess that works pretty well all-round.

Uranus and Neptune: These were quite tricky. First of all, they hadn't even been discovered in ancient times, being found in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries respectively. So the names they got (Sky and sea gods respectively) worked quite well anyway. They're also remarkably similar, so picking out individual personalities would be hard.

I then hit on the idea of using their similarity as a plus point by portraying them as twins. No, they are not lesbians, hence the Sailor Moon reference (I don't watch the show myself, but I have a friend who does and he's explained the daftness of the characters to me), but they are very close to the extent that they are effectively one mind in two bodies. Mind was therefore a throwaway link to the mythological psychic properties of twins. Ice is fairly obvious, it's getting pretty cold out there, and they're also still pretty mysterious considering the only way we can detect them is by telescopes.

Recolours of [link] with blurring for an icicle effect and slight transparency.

I haven't bothered with Pluto, as I personally consider it as a large Kuiper Belt (like the Asteroid Belt but further out, beyond Neptune) object rather than a planet. If pressed I may do a third sheet entitled "Miscellaneous" with the sun and moon and stuff on, which might have Pluto too, but don't hold out your hopes.

And I've just broken my "most deviations in a month" record with 26, beating the 25 set this month last year (why do I tend to do this in the month I should be revising?)
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