Dream of Metamorphosis Picture

Warning: HUGE file.

The chinese phoenix, or fenghuang, was the female entity and the symbol of virtue and grace. With flame-like feathers, she flew through the highest skies of different planets and brought prospority to the living creatures on the earth. There was one world she didn't explore yet though, the world beneath the surface of the blue seas. Her curiousity was too big and tainted her feathers, because water and fire are opposites. Neverthless the bird kept trying though. The gods gazed upon the beautiful fenghuand, and fascinated by her willpower, they decided to grant her wish and hence, fulfill her dream. She obtained the body features of a human girl and was allowed, though not entirely, entrance to the water world. She was filled with joy and with her metamorphosis, new dreams and wishes were born. The phoenix gazed into a bright future."

Hohoho, Enjoyed the little story I wrote to back up my artwork?
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