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The World of Camelot

The great hidden paradise of humanity. A planet hidden in space. It is on no records or maps and no one talks about it. Supposedly no one knows where it’s located. Although- since the Shadow War, The Xyphrin and the Solack do have an approximate idea of the planet’s general location. But they are not about to invade nor even pay Camelot a visit anytime soon…That is because planet Camelot is among other things a massive fortress world. Brimming with defenses and surrounded by fleets of reserve elite units.

Primarily Camelot is a backup world. A hidden refuge for mankind. But not all of mankind… Only the super wealthy – the top 1% of humanity live here on this paradise world. And the poor are never allowed to know of it. It’s all about money and survival! Only the super rich are allowed knowledge of and entry to Camelot. Too bad it and it’s defenses are all paid for by the human’s out of control military spending! In other words this world that is owned by the wealthy is funded by tax payer dollars of the poor. The same impoverished tax payers that will be left to die if Camelot is ever needed. The same poor that are not welcome to even know about Camelot - let alone ever step foot on it!

The idea being that if anything should happen to the human race at large- the secret world of Camelot will allow the race of man to continue. Since theoretically no one knows exactly where it is or how to find it, the world is presumed safe. Even the Xyphrin and Solack aren’t perfectly clear on its location. They have a pretty good idea. But it’s not for certain. And they defiantly would not care to test their hypothesis. For Camelot is located in between several natural spatial anomalies. These spatial anomalies are extremely dangerous to say the least. Enter the system wrong and it would be certain death. Then there are the armies to contend with. Not to mention the sensor array that can pick up any cloaked ships. In short the whole surrounding area is a death trap wrapped in a stellar fog. And that’s (IF) you can even locate the approximate area, which is top secret.

No leader knows the location of the planet. And no one pilot knows either. Instead – a handful of carefully selected elite pilots are given only partial coordinates to get to one of 3 check points. At those checkpoints the pilots must be swapped out for ones that only know how to get to the next point. - And so on…

In short the sickeningly wealthy and their extended families are well protected in this hidden politically neutral planet. And the fleets that protect them are among the most elite forces in the galaxy. This is because Camelot is also the secret base where various elite forces are stored in reserve. Although most are not permitted to be on the planet unless part of the planetary defenses. –Which are numerous.

The plan is – if indeed the human race is exterminated, the population of Camelot would be able to reestablish the human race from “genetically superior“ specimens. However… In actuality these “genetically superior“ specimens are nothing more than some fat rich bastards, their brain dead whore wives, and incompetent offspring. Ignorant, sickly, and feeble. They are inferior stock to say the least. If it comes down to them… Humanity is surely doomed. Among other problems the relatively small population would be inbred within several generations. The addition of their soldiers genes might help- but the rich would NEVER permit breeding with “downers” or “second handers” as the lower class is called. Worse if some of the troop were blacks- whom are not permitted on Camelot. The rich claim that black people would commit crimes and “pollute” the planet. This is humorous because the Solack consider the entire planet to be one big “pollutant” to be erased from existence.

But idiotic as the policies of the rich may be- the already half inbred bourgeoisie of Camelot don’t care. They lie to themselves about being superior so much and so often that they long ago began to believe their own propaganda. This lull into a false sense of security was quickened by the perfection of Camelot’s unrivaled and flawless environment. In fact many wished to call this flawless world “Eden.” After the mythological paradise of the human holy book “the Bible.”

Planet Camelot itself is small but beautiful. Amazingly most of the water on it’s surface is all fresh, clean, and drinkable! And with the exception of the polar regions, there are no frosts and very little snow on Camelot. Rains are light and frequent. However there are never floods! Most days are sunny and warm but never hot! There are no deserts or other wastelands. Most of the land is covered in green meadows and temperate forests. There are no parasites nor dangerous predators at all either. In short – it’s truly perfect! And such as shame that its only occupants are such unworthy human animals.

The Xyphrin would love to infest and conquer Camelot. It’s prime vacation land in their eyes! The Solack however… Would love nothing more than to annihilate the entire planet with an orbital cannon, because of the sickening inequality and corruption that world has come to represent. Long have the Solack dreamed of blasting Camelot into a million pieces and building a new world from it’s bones. A world of green and blue. Perfect for life to grow naturally. A home for many peoples and races. And this could easily be done! Once the current occupants were good and dead, that is…

Camelot – as it stands, is on the edge of so many razors. It’s a tiny world that has attracted the attention of many large and dangerous powers. Since its official commission as a backup world during the Torvo Wars, Camelot has come far. Many areas now resemble one big vacation resort for the rich and famous. The very ideal of decadence and luxury. And as long as tax money from the poor keeps flowing in to support the local ingrates, Camelot will continue to be a paradise. At least until the rich fill it with garbage…

But with so many gunning for it. And with the locals slowly turning Camelot into a garbage dump. The real question is what race destroys it first?

“That” is the question.

Personally? I’m rooting for the Solack…

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