Shadow - The Dark Saiyan Picture

I really didn’t want to use the name Shadow but I tried very hard to think of something else because Shadow sounded like a lame, corny overused name. But the harder I tried to think of something else the more perfect it seemed... He was originally some dragonballz concept that I had to get off my chest so I drew him awhile back [link] and thought nothing else of it.
The legend of the Dark Saiyan and the Super Saiyan are very closely tied together. Ancient Saiyan Mythology predicts many great battles between the two
titans that decided the fate of many planets. Like two sides of the coin they are both opposites yet still connected. The Dark Saiyans are from a particular rare breed of Saiyans that generate a different type of power source all together
Unable to grasp many of the usual Saiyan warrior techniques they were considered inferior to the other Saiyans. Until a small minority began developing techniques that could utilize the alternate power of the Dark Saiyans to produce some terrifying results which would ultimately cause a bitter and intense rivalry between the two Saiyan Races.

Shadow is a dark Saiyan lost in space since the destruction of his homeworld planet Vegeta. Because of the evil connotations associated with Dark Saiyans they have a tendency to always give a bad first impression and in true Saiyan pride, who is Shadow to back down from a challenge

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