Solarowls- Mercury Picture

Lophostrix Cristata - Crested owl

Mercury- The Messenger, The Thief, The wise

My fav species of owl and my fav animal of all so this was the planet i was most looking forward to do

in the image
-The fox is from Native american folklore and a symbol of mercury the fox differs from north american myths and plain tribes. In North mythology the fox is a wise nobel messenger, In the Plain's tribes it is a trickster that lures you to your demise.

-The lyre is a symbol held by the roman god mercury a messenger of the gods

-The stones used are amber and agate associated with the planet, amber the symbol of memory and wisdom and agate judgement

-The flower is the almond flower which is a symbol of mercury in many cultures and is a symbol of traveling and safe return

-The winged mask on the fox is based on the winged helmet of mercury in roman culture

-The dusk background is because mercury can only be seen at twilight (at least with naked eye)

- The ibis on the lyre are based on the egyptian god associated with mercury Tehuti who was a messenger and wise counselor who had the head of a ibis

oh and the compass is due to mercury in many cultures being seen as a messenger or traveller

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