Earth religions beyond the milky way -Buddhism. Picture

Kamadhatu culture is one steeped in the rich and rapid world of commerce and technology. The little remnants of spirituality is one greatly absorbed and transmutated into cultural and commercial constructs, ideologies and merchandise. The most profitable and broadcasted of religious/spiritual practice to commercial product is the birthing coffins.
Birthing coffins are a vital part of the Kamadhatu life cycle. Biologically “immortal” Kamadhatu’s have a 4-stage metamorphosis. The last, ending in death or rebirth, is the Chrysalis stage (the Birthing coffin) A natural part of the life cycle, the dyeing Kamadhatu will produce a thick shell, where it will decompose and if healthy enough will reconstitute and “rebirth” with in 2 weeks of its chrysalis formation. Once a natural process it is now reliant on technological models, at least for those living in the industrialized world, to undergo a possible rebirth. (Traditional belief states that those who have more to accomplish will be rebirthed and will reincarnate in the specific stage based on the individuals conviction and the cosmic and biological forces that dictate it)
A probable rebirthing comes down to economic standing. Wealthier Kamadhatuare are able to buy optimum birthing coffins with premium updates and revisions that are individualized for members of the family. Yet most can only afford to rent one, which will be used to reincarnate all the members of the family. Industrial birthing coffins however are not completely reliable even in higher end models. The possibility of rebirthing is not a sure fire thing, industrialized or not, many factors contribute to the possibility of rebirth and reincarnation.
Premium models ‘guarantee” a 70% chance of rebirth with a 40% chance of reincarnation in desired stage of life cycle. Cheaper models showcase less than half of those percentages. Birthing coffins also come with a series of different insurances and packages due to the unpredictable nature of the life cycle out come. Each package can help a family raise their now infant father or instar 3 (teenager) grandmother. Yet it is not uncommon for families to abandon undesired life cycle incarnated family members, due to economics or in-ability to raise them. Some families even offer the unwanted incarnated to pay off the debt, at which point the incarnate will become a product of the company and be used for experimentation etc.
Buddhism came unbenounced when Chinese embargos took fleet to create trading agreements, so many different Buddhist sects and teachings were fragmented and loosely translated into a homogenized Buddhism. Buddhism was considered a fad religion in most of the industrialized world, practiced loosely, superficially and secularly as mysterious religion from the stars.
Yet in the rural parts of the planet Buddhist teaching has been absorbed and incorporated quite seamlessly into the remnants of the indigenous religion. Many Buddhist teachers, leaders and even the Dali lama consider the Kamadhatu to be celestial Devas spoken of in Buddhist cosmology. The oldest of the Kamadhatu, most reincarnated, are seen as bodhisattvas constantly reincarnating to teach and enlighten.
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