Sailor Zodiac Pisces Picture

Submitted for !DracheaRannak's contest. It was just WAY too nostalgic for me to resist.


Name: Lorelei Bardot
Age: 21
Birthday: February 24
Birthstone: amythest
Colour: a toss up between gold and pink, innit? (Chosen because, believe it or not, pisces is closely associated with the goddess Aphrodite and the god Cupid. According to legend, the two were persued by Typhon, a Titan, and in order to escape him, transformed into a pair of fish. This episode was commemorated in the form of the constellation pisces. I'm sure pink makes you think 'romance' too, and in many cultures, the goddess of love is associated with the colour gold - Aphrodite is often referred to as "Golden Aphrodite".)
Weapon: The Net of the Drowned - a net containing the spirits of those drowned at sea. Pisces has the ability to call on them. (According to Germanic mythology. The sea goddess Ran carried a net with which she brought drowned sailors to her palace, a sort of undersea heaven. And let's face it, a fish with a net full of dead sailors? Now that's comedy. The mystical element also fits pisces very well in my opinion.)
Spirits, Come Fourth (releases spirits from the net which attack the enemy)
I would imagine that she'd also have the ability to power up the senshi who's planet she's associated with, Sailor Neptune
Adores: art, beach days, swimming, dancing, warm weather, dolphins, tropical fish, her friends, her family, and her boyfriend of two years, Edmond
Loathes: injustice, hypocrites, xenophobia, homophobia, sexism, greed, legalization of morality, the desctruction of the environment
Personality: Lorelei is a young lady ruled by her very strong emotions, as prone to a violent outburst of anger and hysterical tears as she is to a vast outpouring of deep affection and joyous laughter. Fortunately, her loved ones never come on the recieving end of her nastier moods, as she would rather die than hurt those she cares for and has few delusions about herself. Her volatile personality may stem from the fact that she is also rather psychic, and is accutely aware the souls of those around her. She feels their suffering, their joys, and their essential character as well. She is also prone to sensing - and on rare occasions seeing - ghosts. Basically, a pisces to the core.
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