Gaia Picture

Another Greek mythology image, this time its Gaia, spirit of the planet. Mother nature if you like. Also I think I read somewhere she was a Titan but more of a pacifist in role (Louise correct me, I think I'm speaking crap
Colours work ok but I'm not so sure about the idea. Though other people seem to like it which is half the battle won
I might add a better description another time as my mind feels kinda blank at the moment as I'm watching a program about swearing at a school just up the road. I cant see what they are moaning about, my secondary school was much worse! haha

This one is dedicated to Charlie
Full view please

Mythology series
Lamia -
Siren - [link]
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Morpheus - [link]

Black Pilot pen, Photoshop, WACOM tablet, lots of hours

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