Oblivion Picture

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Some info;
- Referred to as "the Destroyer/the Devourer".
- A malevolent force whose sole purpose is to destroy and consume the worlds Creo creates. He and Creo are at perpetual war with one another.
- Simply put, Oblivion is a black hole given form. He is massive enough and has such a strong gravitational pull that entire solar systems' orbits have been disrupted when he's passed by. Planets have been pulled out of their orbit, and have smashed into neighboring planets or the star they revolved around.
- One theory is that he and Creo were born at the same time, out of the prior Nothingness of the Universe. Another theory, more widely accepted by the scientific community, states that he was born from the death of the first star Creo created. The star, a massive neutron star, collapsed in on itself and formed the first black hole, which was then granted consciousness from the remnants of Creo's magic and thusly became Oblivion.
- The Oracle will sometimes call upon other draconequui to end worlds. She most commonly enlists War, Famine/Poverty, Pestilence and Death (these have become known as the Harbingers of the Apocalypse); these four decimate the world's population in preparation for Oblivion's arrival.
- Cannot consume worlds Creo is currently on. Being a direct creation of Creo, Vita acts as something of a deterrent.
- He may appear to creatures in nightmares and give them prophetic visions of their world's end.
- Speaks with a deep, rumbling voice which echoes in listeners' heads and sends chills down their spines; any who have heard him speak have been driven to madness and/or suicide. His voice has no effect on Creo.
- His roars can be heard on worlds, as strange sounds echoing down from the sky. Many who have heard the sound have likened it to booming, ethereal trumpets.
- He and Creo operate of their own will; the Oracle alone knows when worlds will be created and destroyed, but under penalty of death at Oblivion's hand she cannot reveal dates.
- Sustained a wound from his first clash with Creo. From this wound leaks cosmic debris from worlds he's consumed, sometimes coming out as violent mass ejections. From the cosmic debris, stars, nebulae, galaxies, and asteroids are formed.
- A widely held belief is that, in actual fact, Oblivion does not operate of his own will but instead is "summoned" to worlds which have been ravaged by the Four Horsemen. The ideology behind this belief is simple enough; most draconequui don't like the idea of a force such as the Destroyer freely wandering the cosmos.
- Popular opinion states that "Creo" and "Oblivion" are simply labels given to forces of nature and not actual, physical beings. Another popular opinion states that their true forms are incomprehensible, and the forms depicted in artwork are assumed forms meant to make them easier to fathom.

Alicorn and draconequus races, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic © Hasbro/fyre-flye
Oblivion © grievousfan (Sarah H.)

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