Dinosaur Gods No.1 Picture

This is the first drawing for a folio I am planning, to be called "Dinosaur Gods". The oldest and predecessor to the real dinosaur gods (dimetrodons were not dinosaurs), Unuluk has lived far longer than even any of the dinosaur gods can fathom. Keeper of a vast pool of knowledge he doesn't dispense easily (which makes him valuable to the other deities), he is also the one who takes the souls of dead saurians to their final judgement. He may look old and tired, and with scars from battles fought -- and lost -- in the past (part of his dorsal fin is missing) but make no mistake; he still can kick the ass of any pretentious little demigods. The race made in his image has been dead for millions of years, but he survives as pockets of worship have endured among saurians from other races and even other planets.
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