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The story goes back to the 17th century, when the Devil unleashed the demons of Hell on the earth, everything went dark and death began to hunt almost all of the human beings. Not only that, but every dead soul gathered by the demons helped in the invasion of humanity and the human race began to fade away as the earth turned into a planet of darkness and horrid creatures, nothing but desert and endless forests of the darkness. During this time, King Aragon ruled the world and led the human army against the darkness with the help of his only son, King Shepherd, and his only daughter Anna-Maria. Together, they never stopped fighting the unending armies of demons and dark souls, but King Aragon was betrayed by his subjects, who used to work for the devil, hoping to find their place in heaven, which caused the murder of the king and his son. King Shepherd went mad, hungry for revenge . He decided to go alone, without telling anyone, to the devil's palace, which was located in the Bermuda Triangle, and he took off with no going back.

That made his sister princess Anna-Maria the one in charge with only a little of the remaining army. The only thing she cared about was finding her only brother, King Shepherd, the only one left for her in this life . She began to devise a plan to find him with the help of the remaining warriors, but the Devil hunted them one by one without an actual battle, and she found herself all alone in the creepy, endless forests of darkness, surrounded by demons. She was dragged into a tomb and fainted, but when she opened her eyes, she found herself sleeping in a bed. She began to remember what happened, then a man came into the room asking how she was doing.

She asked the man who he was and where she was. He told her to rest and all the answers would come, but she did not trust him, so she asked him again who he was. He told her he was James and he wanted the same thing that she wanted: killing the Devil. She told him about her brother and they decided to stand together to fight the Devil and, hopefully, find her lost brother.

That night, as she was sleeping, she heard a voice calling her from outside of the house. When she went out to check it out, she found her brother standing outside in the mist. Overjoyed, she went to him, but, as she approached him, he tried to attack her and she tried to defend asking him why he was attacking her. James came out to help her, but her brother fled from the two. James told her that he is not her brother anymore. Upon hearing this, she felt more alone than ever and her desire to kill the Devil only grew.

After 5 years of fighting, God sent angels to aid the remaining humans against the Devil. It did not take long for the earth to breath again. Princess Anna and James made their own kingdom and started the task of rebuilding humanity all over again.

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