Alkarian Poodle Picture

This Portrait Of An Alkarian Poodle From The Tyesin Sai Feng Dynasty In The Zrvai System Displays The Traditional Heart Of The Spear Which Is The Dynasty's Emblem Of Power.

THis Portrait Is Of Significance Because It Includes The Orb Of Enlightenment Encased In The Crytal Of Wisdom, Which Means That The Tyesin Sai Feng Dynasty Was Not Just A Warrior Ruling Class As Were It's Predecessors.

You'll Also Observe The Twin Suns Of Mikilan, Which Mythology States Were Placed In Orbit Around Alkaria To Forever Keep The Planet Warm And Bright In The Cold Darkness Of Space. The Inclusion Of The Suns Symbolize The Unity Of Spirit Mind And Body.

The Inclusion And Placement Of The Red Moon Signifies The Power To Rule Through The Force Of Battle; As The Alkarian Poodle Stands Watch Over The Home Planet Of Alkaria Giving Warning To Those Seeking To Challenge The Dynasy's Power.

The Alkarian Poodle Was Unlike Any Poodle We Know Of On Earth. The Typical Alkarian Poodle Weighed In At About 500 Lbs Standing Some 6 Ft At The Shoulder.

These Dogs Became The Ruling Families Symbol Leadership Because They Were Known To Be Ferocious; Sporting Retractable Incisors That Could Rip Off A Mans Arm With One Bite.

It Took An Individual With Extreme Will, Confidence, A Total Lack Of Fear And The Power To Control And Dominate To Be Master Of An Alkarian Poodle.

The Alkarian Poodles Were So Prized By The Alkarians, For They Didn't Give Their Loyalty Easily; But Once They Did Give It, They Gave It For Life.

This Is a 16800px By 12000px 14 Element Digital Art Fractal Art Composition.

Tools Used:
Fractron 9000 Fractal Generator
Photo Elements 7 Image Editor

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