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-----Táncos első kardja (first sword)
Happened at Planet Yra. Yra human were always able to retreive their memories from previous lives. The story started thousands of years before the Worlds Collided (that travel was estabilished between dimensions!) and before the Order of the Awakening was formed. The wizards fought heavy wars on each other not fake wars like later. The men built castles and caged sacrificed spirits that willingly gave themselves to be molt into stone and to obey commands unconsciousless.
Táncos was a cowardly lover who left his town after realizing his love was chosen to be the mold. How he met the topug (race) smith, unknown. A sword was forged to destroy binds, to disperse magic, enchantment. It was made from dire skill and foughts it's own way, and Táncos slaughtered dozens of guards (without even knowing how to hold the sword properly). But it drained the power from desire and will and Táncos felt himself hollow and as he saw the dead body of his love, he committed suicide. The wizards finished the sacrefice and the girl became the mold and he became the guardian for eras. "Fenyőfater", the smith retreived the blade seeing it as a curse, a fail, and was killed before he could escape Yra.

---Táncos második kardja (second Sword)
In his later life, the smith returned (in the body of the same race) and destroyed the sword to rebuild it trough the powers of Enhir. The demigod let him to connect her powers into the sword so it would not torture the wielder, but to escalate feelings. Then he visited to castle to redeem hisself. It fell into pieces.
So Fenyőfater waited at Yra for the lovers to resurrect to correct what he failed and found the lovers three times, and failed twice because of the wizards and the lovers died twice young, but at the third time, the dimensions connected and they could escape.
The sword remained in the smith's posession long lost to Enhir for only appear when the one resurrects who made it.

---A harmadik kard (Sacon's key)
The Yra humans faced a terrible demigod ten thousands before the dimensions connected. The mighty being was able to create a dragon golem from rock and ice and reshape it and recover it's demage for it had no phisical appearence. Sacon, the demigod was defeated by human wizards and was forced to crumble to a single rock and be sealed to become an umpenetrable fortress. The humans built a castle - Talion - over his 400 meter high "corpse", but a small rock a size of a house escaped. Sacon left to another world.
At the world of Labric (central planet of my stories) the smith agreed to help the creature to fight the Yra humans and to free them. Fenyőfater crafted a sword from the core of the creature that was in sincron with it's old powers. And when he found the ritual point of Talion - the remaining will of Sacon left the world trough the sword and became a simple pile of rock standing as a castle not hearing the orders of it's makers any more. A decade later the demigod Sacon regained power at Labric and survived an offence from it's enemys...

I'm doing a BIT too powerfull enchantments....
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